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What To Wear For You Photo Session | Family Photographer | Chapel Hill NC

If you are a fan of the light and airy style of photography, as I am, then what you wear will go a long way in achieving that look. I have a studio wardrobe for this specific reason and it makes it easier on everyone when it comes to deciding how to style your family. It also cuts down on shopping costs. So, here are some tips, and of course pictures, on what you and your family should wear to start off on the right 'light and airy' foot.

First things first, if you want light and airy, you need to dress light and airy. Bright colors can be harsh and distracting as well as reflective, which can throw your skin tone off. So avoid bright reds, greens, pinks, etc. Think more in neutral tones and light pastels. Light coloring looks fresh, creates a clean and classic appearance and most importantly puts the focus where it should be, on you. Coordinate, don't match.

I recommend starting with 2-3 colors and carry those through the outfits, making sure everything 'goes' together but does not match. Each family member doesn't have to have the same color but all the colors you choose must look nice together. Mix neutrals with accent colors and remember that neutral colors create a softer look, which will make your photos timeless. If you want to add even more to your look then textures can add a visual interest; think lace, ruffles, ribbons, crochet and embroidery.

Now that that is all figured out you will need to think of your home decor and the colors you have throughout. You will want the outfit you choose to look good hanging on your walls. Neutral colors also come in handy here since they will most likely look good no matter what your home color scheme may be.

Next if you want to bump up your style one more notch without it being too much, think accessories; but keep it simple. For example, hats and scarves are easy to put on or take off, thus creating a new look with not much effort. You can also incorporate small floral details, like simple flower crowns for moms and children.

Now, I want you to take a step back, breath and relax. It shouldn't be stressful for you, this is supposed to be fun and if you have questions you can always ask.

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