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Feeling Sexy While Pregnant | Chapel Hill Maternity Photography

I know it is not the easiest thing to do, feel sexy while pregnant, but that is because you tend to see all your flaws. Could a woman's body be more awesome! You are making a human being, you actually bring life into being, that is crazy and amazing! Naturally that isn't the easiest thing and you feel like roadkill a lot of times but I promise you that I see you as you really are, not the way you see yourself. Have your breasts ever looked like they do now? Just sayin...

For a limited time I am offering mini boudoir sessions, yes that includes you too! You may not think so now but I promise you will be so glad you signed up; and I would love the opportunity to let you see how beautiful you really are.

Read some more tips on maternity boudoir sessions HERE.

Click for more info and sign ups.

Five Feathers Photography is a maternity and newborn photographer located in Chapel Hill, N.C., and servicing all surrounding areas as well as destinations you choose.

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