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Chapel Hill Destination Photographer | Babymoon Maternity Portraits

There is a time in a woman's life when she feels - AND IS - completely and utterly beautiful and at the same time, a complete slob. Pregnancy is a special time and while we may all feel like we don't look our best, it is the most important time to have your photos taken, in my opinion. As moms, we are usually the ones who are preserving our families special moments and all the moments in between and we usually don't make it into a lot of the family photos. That is a real shame. If you significant other is anything like mine, they never think to take pictures of me with the kids, so unless I remind him, there are just a lot of selfies of me and my kids.

So, my point is this, have maternity pictures taken! You won't have the opportunity a lot of times and I can assure you that you will remember all the bad things about being pregnant more than the good things. Your kids will love seeing themselves before they got here too and so will you!

If you can somehow manage to talk your way into a babymoon, even better! You sure won't be going on a lot of vacations once your baby is here; you'll be lucky to even get a shower. Whether you stay home for your maternity pictures or travel somewhere to have them taken, have them taken.

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