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I recently had the opportunity to take a Senior Portrait class from Nicole Houser and it was so much fun. There are so many different spots to create beautiful images just by exploring the area you are in. For this session we took a walk around Atlanta and ended in Piedmont Park, which is a really gorgeous park. I found out I really love just taking a nice stroll and finding the best spots, places with beautiful pockets of light to take fun senior portraits.

How awesome is this wall? I love how her outfit stands out.

Finding this wall was like striking gold! Finding interesting backdrops for photos is a lot of fun and can really make your senior portraits stand out. I remember my senior portraits were at my school and there were two poses, one with a black velvet shawl for out "formal" photo and then outside. That was it. I wish we have senior pictures the way they do now, and maybe they did, but I am pretty old so probably not, lol.

Chasing the Light

Find unique shooting spots is second to finding gorgeous pockets of golden light. I am looking forward to this year's senior portraits and hope a lot of them will involve a stroll through town to see what we find.

Finding places to change outfits is not as easy!

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