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Urban Maternity Photo Sessions | Chapel Hill N.C. Maternity Photographer

For the most part my style of photography is light and airy, but I recently had the opportunity to attend the Belly, Baby & Beyond workshop in New York, hosted by the super talented Ana Brandt; and as part of this workshop I was lucky enough to do a city photo walk with some of the beautiful maternity models and the awesome Colorado photographer Casey Dittmer.

When you think 'urban' you don't immediately think light and airy, but more dark and moody, a little edgier. Now, don't get me wrong I absolutely love that style too and some of the images I took are of a darker tone but I also tried to get some more of my style. Here are some pictures of the beautiful Claire done with a darker vibe.

urban maternity photo session

I have to say, walking around the city just looking for interesting places to pose these ladies was a lot of fun. You see things in a whole different way and hopefully you are able to utilize your surroundings and get some really amazing shots. I honestly can't wait to have a city maternity photo session, can't wait to walk around looking for amazing spots.

And just so you aren't left wondering what light and airy can look like in the city, I will leave you with these final photos.

light and airy city maternity photo session

urban new york city maternity pix

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