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Comfortable Maternity Dresses | Chapel Hill Maternity Photographer

If you are reading this then I am going to assume that you are currently pregnant; and if you're pregnant you know how uncomfortable it can be. I was never one of those women who loved being pregnant, I was uncomfortable basically from the beginning and my glow was just sweat from all the vomiting. It is a weird juxtaposition, you feel like crap, you think you look like crap but at the same time you feel absolutely awesome because you are making a human being, and that is the most amazing thing ever! AND you have to wait to that point in your pregnancy where you actually look pregnant and not like you just have a big lunch.

Anyway, my point is this - you want to look good when you are pregnant AND you do, even if you don't feel like it, but it is always nice to have something a little nicer than maternity pants, although I think all pants should be maternity pants. So I was looking for some fun articles for nice maternity dresses for all occasions, that make you feel beautiful, and are comfortable. I will provide a link below for just that.

Five Feathers Photography is a maternity and newborn photographer located in Chapel Hill, N.C., and servicing all surrounding areas as well as destinations you choose.

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