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Breastfeeding Photo Sessions | Chapel Hill NC Photographer

Before I became a mother I never really thought about breastfeeding, other than it had be so awkward to feed your baby in public spaces; and not for the 'on display' feeling but for how people tend to make mothers feel bad for doing something so natural. Now that I am a mother of two I could care less what people thought of me when I was feeding my child. I find it so interesting how becoming a mother changes your perspective. It is amazing how these tiny humans, who depend on your for everything, can make you feel so helpless and powerful at the same time.

In this age of "normalizing" breastfeeding, especially in Chapel Hill and Carrboro, I am finding that I really love having breastfeeding photo sessions. This is not something you will always get to do and time has a funny way of blurring the feelings of how truly amazing it feels to be everything to someone, if only for a little while. I truly believe that having photographic evidence of something so beautiful and natural is a must.

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